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The Company President

Fedoseyev S.I.

The Artel Plast Company is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of acrylic sanitary ware, fiberglass and polyurethane products. The company was established by the businessman Sergey Fedoseyev more than 15 years ago.

The Company’s history commenced in 2000, when a group of enthusiasts visited Poland and learned about the technology of manufacturing products from acryl and fiberglass. At that time, acryl took on the European market and continued to actively explore the market in Ukrainian. Therefore, after the travel, they decided to create a company, which was based on the principle of “team (artel) work”, that’s why the Company was named the ARTEL PLAST.

The age of breakthrough technologies has determined the future development of the company and its core principles:

  • to learn how to make products for any areas of business, from shipbuilding to aircraft engineering - everything that may be useful in water, on land and in air;
  • to align the production process with any project, from a part of few millimeters in size to large structures in a short time;

Today, LLC “Artel Plast” is 4,000 square meters of production space, the equipment from US manufacturers, British raw materials and the highly professional team of specialists who implement projects of any complexity.

history of development


S.I. Fedoseyev founded a company to produce acrylic sanitary ware


Expansion of product range. Dealing with sale chains in Ukraine commenced


Expansion of production. Direct contracts with leading suppliers of raw materials and equipment


Expansion of sales geography. Opening of representative offices in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan


Expansion of production capacities and variety of products. The development of the polymer-concrete processing technology. The manufacture of furniture and premium sanitary ware got started


Expansion and modernization of production. Development of polyurethane processing technology


Continuation of the manufacture modernization and expansion of the technological range of products. The fulfillment of the order for paneling ambulance cars. The order covered 1,200 cars, the period of performance of works - 6 months


Development of technology to work with polyurea. The fulfillment of the first order for using polyurea in processing interios bodies of minivans. The adoption of the technology to work with polyurethane foam, the first practical experience - insulation of 4000 sq.m. the building roof of of a newly built shopping center with polyurethane foam

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important for us


To create the highest quality product


To perform the set task on time


To produce environmentally friendly and safe products


To use the latest technology to optimize the production process


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