The technology of liquid acryl-based production allows our company to manufacture products according to individual dimensions and design

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Specialists from the Artel Plast Company were trained how manufacture acrylic products in Poland. Also, our Polish partners helped us with selection and installation of equipment, and their knowledge and experience greatly facilitated the installation of a new production process. Using the liquid acryl-based manufacture, we produce environmentally friendly and safe products. It also gives us the ability to produce products in 220 RAL colors and 22 textures that imitate natural stone.

Acryl is a thermoplastic polymeric material which is produced using acrylic acid.

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Our production equipment makes it possible to manufacture products of different colors and textures:

Liquid acryl ADVANTAGES


The Artel Plast Company manufactures its products by “sputtering” from the gelcoat modified with acryl, this material is superior to acrylic sheets in terms of glittering, durability and strength.

Ecological properties

The product is manufactured in accordance with all the quality standards, the production process used by the Artel Plast Company is certified according to ISO 9001

Manufacture of color and texture baths

All colors of RAL classic table and 22 texture colors.


All nominal sizes are represented in our line, they were developed on the basis of years of experience and real demand


The bath board is reinforced with fiberglass bath + extra layer of koremat which, in turn, increases the stiffness of the product configuration. The bottom of the bath reinforced with super strength material “koremat” and plywood.

Anti-vandal coating

It gives our products an exquisite gloss and, at the same time has, an effect of anti-slip.

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