Polymer concrete

In 2011, the company LLC “Artel Plast” expanded its production capacities by adopting the polymer concrete processing technology. That is the beginning of the production of premium sanitary ware

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The range of products has been gradually expanding in line with the demand for products. Today, the factory produces polymer-concrete wash-basins for bathrooms, table tops, table tops with integrated sink, window sills.


This composition may be called concrete only conditionally. This term is used because of the exceptional firmness of the product. The material composition includes artificial epoxy resin and filler. As in other cases of molding production, materials are composed by a manufacturer, or rather a production engineer.


When creating new materials, engineers are trying to combine the properties of the already known materials to get a new unique product. The polymer-concrete deserves this title.

Plastic (polymer) gave it the following:

  • smooth and nice on the touch surface;
  • relatively thin products which convenient for installation;
  • easy and precise processing, including hand tools;
  • hygiene, ease of cleaning;
  • simplicity of technology and purity in production.

From concrete, it inherited the exceptional and incredible firmness. We can say with certainty that the weakest (lightweight without reinforcement) polymer concrete on a par with wood by firmness. A reinforced composition based on granite chips will compete with the concrete and the granite indeed.

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