In 2013, the Artel Plast Company adopted the polyurethane production technology. Thanks to its properties, this material provides new opportunities for the manufacture of various products

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With extensive experience with acrylic and fiberglass, we have promptly mastered the process of making products of polyurethane. And in the first month already, we fufilled complex orders quickly and in large volumes. Such properties of polyurethane as strength, elasticity and durability allows for its use widely in various industries, in particular in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, construction and architecture, the oil and gas industry, as well as other production sectors.

Polyurethane is a modern construction material which is characterized by high physical-chemical and performance properties.


  • good strength and resistance to deformation and high mechanical stress
  • high resistance to atmospheric exposure - ozone, oxygen, moisture, UV radiation, heating
  • resistant to open flame and thermal radiation.
  • cost effectiveness
  • electrical insulator properties.
  • does not accumulate icing, is resistant to salts, ultraviolet radiation, chemical compounds, except certain solvents and strong acids
  • withstands temperatures from -40°C to + 100°C.
  • elasticity

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