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Not the machine tools and the mechanisms are the heart of the company, this heart is the people who work in the company. The team of the Artel Plast Company can be undoubtedly called a family. The start-up and evolvement of each of them are real stories to tell, and here are some of them:

Head of the 1st Work Shop - Khroniuk Anton Anatolyevich.

Anton was brought to the factory by his uncle in 2002, so they may be called a family dynasty to a great extent. He was barely 18 years old. After the first visit to the factory, Anton had a clear belief that the “Artel Plast Factory had a great future, it was a young, dynamic and rapidly growing enterprise. He began his career at the factory with the packaging department. Like any young man of his age, he wanted to work with sophisticated equipment and do something interesting. Anton was moved to the molding shop and assigned him a mentor, he quickly learned all and, after only six months, he overfulfilled the norm. The grew, developed new products and projects, and the professionalism of the young specialist and his career grew as well. Today Anton Anatolyevich successfully works as the Head of the 1st Workshop and can be proud of the well-coordinated work of his team.

Specialist in Polyurethane Products Manufacture Prikhodko Vyacheslav Mikhailovich.

Vyacheslav works at the Artel Plast Factory since 2004. He began his career with the packaging department. As he was a diligent and hard worker, he was soon moved to the main shop to work as a matrices polisher. In 2014, the factory began to successfully manufacture polyurethane products, it received the first large orders and required new specialists to expand production. Vyacheslav was moved to a new shop, where he, upon training in polyurethane technology, successfully took up his new and interesting job.

Head of the 3rd Workshop Dymchenko Edward Alekseyevich.

Edward Alekseyevich works at the factory from almost the very beginning, since 2004. He came to the factory as a moulder and learned a new job under the leadership of the Director Fedoseyev Sergey Igorevich. The first thing that struck him at that time was the relationship in the team, it worked very smoothly, everyone was trying to help colleagues as much as he/she could. The factory management encouraged the desire of employees to learn new knowledge and skills. Over the nine years of operation, he brushed up his skill perfectly, he is the leader of matrix development which is the basis of future products. The factory launches and develops new projects, and the success of those projects depends largely on the professionalism and experience of Edward Alekseyevich.


The employees of the Artel Plast Company undergo training on a regular basis, improve their knowledge and skills. This practice came from the very inception of the factory. The company’s employees took their first steps under the careful guidance of Polish colleagues, and they provided the training indeed. This experience showed that such training is the most effective. Throughout the all years onward, our specialists went to Europe for training at the companies with the same types of production, not only to gaining knowledge and skills but sharing their experiences as well. All that combined allows us to successfully develop new technologies and implement interesting projects.

Our sales team is trained by the Business Coach Skuratovskaya Tamara, actively participating in specialized conferences, business seminars and trainings.


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